Going to the Game Alone?

Fansolo helps you find other fans to enjoy the game with. Whether you’re
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Meet Mike.

Mike is an avid sports fan and loves to go to games. But, his friends are too busy or not interested in going to the same events. He stumbled upon Fansolo and created a profile. With Fansolo, Mike can hook up with new people to go to the game with.

Mike creates his event.

With Fansolo’s easy to use system, Mike painlessly creates an event with the hopes of meeting a girl. Within seconds his event is published for all Fansolo members to see.

Meet Ashley.
She just discovered Fansolo.

Ashley stumbles across Fansolo and is interested in going to the same game as Mike. Ashley sends Mike a message and tells him that she wants to meet at the game. A win for Mike!

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